Canvas originally started out as a front end developer conference in 2012 by us, 383 Project.

We squeezed 35 developers into a small room above a pub in Birmingham to share code and war stories from the interesting projects they were working on.

As the world changed, so did the stories we wanted to share. Increasingly, people were less bothered and interested about hearing marketing stories, more opting for insight into the digital products and experiences that were starting to shape the very way we interacted with brands. We recognised this shift and started to change our content - focussing less on trends and more on how these products and experiences were being created and managed. So, in 2015, “insider stories from product people’ was born.

We call it the ‘should tap’ - searching out interesting people doing interesting things at interesting companies and asking them to share the story, process and learnings from what they’re doing day to day.

We hope you enjoy your day with us and learn new things, meeting many new and interesting people along the way. Follow us @canvasconf on twitter and share your own experience of Canvas using #Canvasconf

Blasts from the past

Re-live some of the talks from the past. Full disclaimer - we don’t have some of the early content when we were still figuring things out - sorry!