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Colourful Ideas For The Web

With talks from Adobe, The Guardian, BERG, The Lab at O2, Microsoft, Additive and more

A look back at Canvas 2012

A one day conference for developers, designers and marketeers

This year, Canvas explores future ideas for the web, examining the construct of a connected customer and how new technology can be used to communicate effectively. Throughout this one day event taking place in Birmingham, we'll cover a range of perspectives from the technical to the strategic.



Alice Bartlett


Big brain, little brain. Making BERG Cloud and Little Printer.

Alice discusses the architecture of BERG Cloud and Little Printer, and how, having removed as much complexity as possible from Little Printer and put it in BERG Cloud, we are still left with a lot of complexity. The problems we have just aren't software problems anymore.




Dave Birss


Farewell digital. It was fun while it lasted.

Dave discusses the absorption of digital by all the other marketing disciplines - and what that leaves us with. Investigating how digital arrived, why it became a discipline in its own right, why it is now being absorbed into everything else, what we're left with, and ending on five big opportunities for digital marketing.




Martin Beeby


The Future of Interaction

It's become common place for humans to interact with computers by touching, speaking and moving. Apps on devices are providing these experiences to users, but are website being left behind? In this talk we will look at how you can use your web skills to create sites that utilise numerous forms of human interaction.




Terry Ryan


HTML5 Motion Design

Delivering interactive experiences in HTML5 isn't hard, but it can be time consuming to code by hand. This session will talk about Adobe Edge Animate and it's ability to speed up your HTML animation work. We'll also take a look into the future of what the browser can be pushed to do.



The Guardian

Matt Andrews

The Guardian

Responsive design at The Guardian

It’s the most talked-about web development technique of the past few years and it’s officially reached the mainstream. Matt will tell us about the process of converting a site consisting of over three million articles, hundreds of components, dozens of templates and two domains into a single responsive webpage.



The Lab at O2

Ruth John

The Lab at O2

Building FirefoxOS apps

Ruth introduces us to Firefox OS and how to start building apps for it. You may be surprised to learn you already have all the arsenal you need in familiar front end technologies. You’ll also delve into a world of exciting web API’s that are currently being developed (including the ever popular Vibration API).




Hannah Wolfe


Delivering the future of blogging

Hannah discusses the challenges of delivering a next generation blogging platform, built on next generation technologies, with next generation seed funding and a next generation business model. And all of it entirely not-for-profit. What could go wrong?




Mark Wheatley


The future of the playlist

Mark is responsible for the development of Nokia’s new universally acclaimed 'Mix Radio' service, and is now leading Music and Media Product Management as part of Nokia’s Smart Devices unit. He'll be exploring the future of expert curated vs algorithmically built playlists.




Harry Hurst


Website Personalisation: Using big data to drive conversion rates

Harry has been part of the Qubit team since July 2011, working on brands such as Tesco and Expedia. Harry will be presenting: A hands on guide to website personalisation for the 21st century marketer, looking at the technology, skills and techniques of personalisation.


IET: Austin Court
80 Cambridge Street
B1 2NP

15 minute walk from New Street Station

Pay and display parking available at NIA North Car Park

What's at Canvas for you?

1. Creatives

With all the debate around designers picking up development skills at the moment, Canvas is the perfect opportunity to sharpen your thinking and hear from some of the industry's most interesting practitioners.

Speakers will cover topics such as HTML5 animation, building apps with FirefoxOS, and making physical products such as BERG's Little Printer. You'll also have the chance to find out how the Guardian has made responsive design work for them and to challenge your thinking as a whole on the future of the industry.

2. Marketers

As you develop your marketing strategy, you cannot ignore the opportunities presented by new technologies and new design tools. At Canvas you'll discover new ways of communicating with your customers and find out how some of the industry's biggest names are staying ahead of the curve to create meaningful customer communications.

You'll hear from top strategists on how the ad industry has been disrupted through the rise of 'digital' and whether in fact we should be saying farewell to 'it' already.

3. Developers

Expand your horizons at Canvas this year with talks from some of the industry's leading developers, as well as designers and strategists who are making amazing things happen with the web.

You'll hear how the Guardian made responsive work across one of the largest newspaper websites in the world, how Adobe Edge will push the limits of the browser and HTML 5, and the story of complexity behind architecting BERG Cloud and Little Printer.

Tickets Include

Join us in Birmingham on October 10th 2013 for a full day of great talks, featuring industry-leading speakers from Adobe, The Guardian, BERG, The Lab at O2, Microsoft, Additive and more.

Breakfast, lunch and an invite to the Canvas afterparty.

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